Cossee International Agency is part of Cossee Publishers, an independent publishing house located at the Amstelveld in Amsterdam. The publishing house was founded in autumn 2001 and the first books were published in the spring of 2002. Cossee publishes Dutch and translated fiction and non-fiction. With their selected list, the carefully edited and beautifully designed editions Cossee wants to give their authors the best possible platform and a growing readership.

At CIA we work hard to give books that we are passionate about the possibility to travel around the world: Books from Cossee authors as well as our favourite picks from other independent publishers, such as Das Mag and Pluim. We handle translation rights, film rights and theatre rights for the authors you'll find listed here.

The CIA team comprises Christoph Buchwald and Eva Cossée, the publishers of Uitgeverij Cossee. The department is managed by Stella Rieck. Elaine Michon handles film and theatre rights.

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Eva Cossée - publisher

Eva Cossée (1954) studied Dutch Language and Literature, Scandinavian Languages and Literature Science. She started working as manager pocketbooks at publishing house Bruna and as acquiring editor at publishing house Veen where she started a translated fiction list.

She became chief editor and later publisher at publishing house Contact and publishing director at publishing house Ambo|Anthos.

In 2001 she decided to start her own publishing house and call it Cossee Publishers. As publisher she introduced authors like Salman Rushdie, Richard Powers, Michael Ignatieff, Milan Kundera, J.M. Coetzee, Bernhard Schlink and David Grossman to the Dutch readers. As editor she introduced Dutch authors like Geert Mak, Margriet de Moor, Midas Dekkers, Renate Dorrestein and Gerbrand Bakker to readers outside the Netherlands.

Besides running a publishing house she wrote for the Dutch opinion magazine Vrij Nederland, lectured at the School for Publishing and wrote various courses for the publishing branche.

Christoph Buchwald - publisher

Christoph Buchwald (1951) studied History of Art, Literature and Experimental Composition in Berlin. He started his career in publishing as an editor at Claassen Verlag and worked as an acquiring editor at Hanser Verlag for thirteen years.

Here he published authors like Primo Levi, Milan Kundera, Lars Gustafsson, David Grossman, Per Olof Enquist, Harry Mulisch, Margriet de Moor and Michael Ondaatje. Then he became the publishing director of Luchterhand Verlag and later the publishing director of Suhrkamp Verlag. In 2001 he moved to the Netherlands to join Eva Cossée at the start of Cossee Publishers.

Since 1979 he is the editor of the yearbook of German poetry called Jahrbuch der Lyrik. Every year a different poet has the privilege to be his co-editor at this annual project. Other projects he has been involved in include the collected works of poet Walter Mehring, where he edited and annotated the ten volumes, and the ultimate anthology of the seventies called Lesebuch der siebziger Jahre on which he co-operated with publishers Suhrkamp Verlag and Fischer Verlag and good friend Klaus Wagenbach.

Furthermore he selected a hundred poems from former East Germany in 100 Gedichte aus der DDR and his interviews with Harry Mulisch have been edited to a book called The Dog and the German Soul, Harry Mulisch in conversation with Christoph Buchwald. He is also a composer of film music and songs and he wrote the libretto for the opera Goldwasser, which is composed by Jaap Hamburger.



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