Een goede nachtrust

A Good Night's Sleep

Peter Buurman

‘This is the tragedy. We can only be ourselves when we dream.’
– Excerpt from A Good Night’s Sleep.

Night falls. A burglar enters a home. In between the rubble lies a man, tied up with invisible ropes. The burglar asks: ‘Can I do anything for you?’
    It’s the start of an unlikely friendship. The burglar takes the man on a wild moped-ride past a grillroom, a night café for insomniacs, a clinic for people with chronic winter blues, and the set for a sitcom that just won’t end. A peculiar journey through the night, in which things appear slightly different than during the daytime.
    A Good Night’s Sleep is a highly original debut novel following the logic of a dream. It is Das Mag’s second debut publication, after Lize Spit’s successful and widely translated novel The Melting. Peter Buurman has already been dubbed ‘an asset to our literature’ by newspaper NRC, with his debut receiving many raving reviews.