De geschiedenis van mijn seksualiteit

The History of my Sexuality

Tobi Lakmaker

‘The history of my sexuality goes as follows: I’ve always been looking for someone who could close all doors and windows and say: now everything is all right. More concretely, I used to be attracted to men and then to women, but of course always to women anyway, to Muriël the red haired tutor with the long legs, to which woman was I not attracted to, really, but I always kept my eyes or something else crucial shut. It doesn’t matter all that much anyway.’ – excerpt The History of my Sexuality

The History of my Sexuality is the razor sharp and unconventional debut by Tobi Lakmaker, once deemed a muse and then a little later a lesbian fundamentalist. An essential book, more daring in its writing, than Frenkie de Jong plays football. About the genius that Tobi Lakmaker is, was or should have been.