Vrouwkje Tuinman

In 2013 Vrouwkje Tuinman (1974) published her third novel, The Mourning Club. Since 2004 she also wrote four poetry collections. Together with photographer Andrea Stultiens she made the book/exhibition Intensive Care, published in Dutch and English. Her work has been translated in English and German.

Vrouwkje performs regularly at festivals and literary events in the Netherlands and abroad, mainly in the UK. Furthermore, she writes articles, columns and reviews for several newspapers and magazines and clients in the music world. She acts as moderator / presenter and teaches poetry and prose writing. Vrouwkje wrote lyrics for several musical theater pieces. Recently her audiobook Winterslaap was published in several languages at

In the past years, Vrouwkje received the Hollands Maandblad Poetry Exchange 2003/2004 and was nominated for the BNG Nieuwe Literatuur Prijs, the Libra Writers Prize and the Selexyz Prijs. In 2005 she received the C. C. S. Crone stipend from the city of Utrecht. In December 2010 Vrouwkje was awarded the Halewijnprijs. Intensive Care won the Niek Woudenbergprijs 2012.