Cossee International Agency is part of Cossee Publishers, an independent publishing house located at the Amstelveld in Amsterdam. The publishing house was founded in autumn 2001 and the first books were published in the spring of 2002. Cossee publishes Dutch and translated fiction and non-fiction. With their selected list, the carefully edited and beautifully designed editions Cossee wants to give their authors the best possible platform and a growing readership.

At CIA we work hard to give books that we are passionate about the possibility to travel around the world: Books from Cossee authors as well as our favourite picks from other independent publishers, such as Das Mag, Pluim and Van Oorschot. We handle translation rights, film rights and theatre rights for the authors you'll find listed here.

The CIA team comprises Christoph Buchwald and Eva Cossée, the publishers of Uitgeverij Cossee. The department is managed by Stella RieckElaine Michon handles film and theatre rights.

For more information on the publishing house (in Dutch), visit Cossee.com



Spring Highlights 2022

With spring approaching, we’re excited to present our brand-new Cossee International Agency rights list. There is some wonderful fiction, like Gerbrand Bakker’s The Hairdresser’s Son, his long-awaited new novel, or Eva Meijer’s disturbingly topical Sea : Now. Among the non-fiction titles, you will find Milo van Bokkum’s informative and captivating Border Regions.

Click here to view the full spring catalogue.

Fall Highlights 2021

Fall is underway and with it our brand-new Cossee International Agency rights list! Next to strong titles from earlier this year, you will find a tremendous selection of newcomers in the fiction department, like Ilse Josepha Lazarom's Duet or Eva Coolen's Regeneration. With Bea Vianen's Suriname, I am, we also proudly present our new rediscovered classic.

Click here to view the full fall catalogue.

Spring Highlights 2021

The sun is out and we are happy to present a wonderful spring catalogue full of great titles. Alongside our very own Lot Vekemans, with The Missing, we introduce Lize Spit’s new novel I’m Not Here, as well as Sofie Lakmaker’s debut The History of my Sexuality. There is also some fantastic non-fiction including Daniël Verlaan’s I Know Your Password, and Bregje Hofstede’s deep dive into the science of sleep, Catching Sleep

Click here to view the full spring catalogue.

Fall Highlights 2020

It is a fall full of fantastic books at Cossee with two strong new fiction titles on the list, Lot Vekemans The missing and Jente Posthuma’s Things I’d rather not think about. There is wonderful non-fiction by Gebrand Bakker, A. F. van Ravesteijn and Jacqueline van Maarsen. 

Click here to view the full fall catalogue.

Spring Highlights 2020

We are happy to say that once again, we have a spring catalogue full of varied titles to present to you, including the quirky debut A Good Night’s Sleep by Peter Buurman and the inspiring memoir The Walls Came Tumbling Down by resistance fighter Henriette Roosenburg. Click through to have a look at contemporary fiction and non-fiction, and two great picks from our classics list.

Click here to download the catalogue.

Rediscovered Classics 2020

Our updated list of classics titles displays some of the finest writing from Dutch female authors of the last century. See for example Who was the Hatter? by Loekie Zvonik, which reminds of the tragic story of Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes. Or Marianne Philips’ truly gripping The Confession, which will be published in German by Diogenes later this year. A catalogue full of intriguing women with clear, distinct voices, who have been translated around the world.

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Frankfurt Highlights 2019

The Frankfurt Book Fair is around the corner, and once again we are taking some literary gems with us. Take a look at this year's folder, which includes the latest novel by prolific Dutch author Hanna Bervoets, the heart-wrenching Julian by Fleur Pierets, and the rediscovered classic The Walls Came Tumbling Down, written by resistance fighter Henriette Roosenburg.

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Summer Catalogue 2019

Some tips for excellent summer reads, including wonderful translated literature such as Sal by Mick Kitson, Soul Brother by David Diop, and Angel of Oblivion by Maja Haderlap.

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London Bookfair Highlights 2019

We are on our way to London, and happy to bring a varied and exciting selection of books in our suitcases: amongst which the new novel by Eva Meijer, Forwards, Saskia de Coster’s Nightparents, a new Van Oord and Van Mersbergen, and a great selection of non-fiction, including 1942 by Herman van Goethem.  

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Spring Catalogue 2019

2019 has only just begun, but our reading list is already growing. Here’s a peak at Cossee’s spring catalogue with new titles by acclaimed authors Jan van Mersbergen and Eva Meijer, two fantastic classics by Marianne Philips, and the monumental 1942 by Herman van Goethem.

In translation we are thrilled to be publishing amongst others works by Kristine Bilkau, Barbara Zoeke and Pia Pera.

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To support Dutch literature beyond our borders, translation grants can be obtained through the Dutch Foundation for Literature. For more information visit: https://www.letterenfonds.nl.