In Search of Sleep

In Search of Sleep

In Search of Sleep

Bregje Hofstede

Insomnia is not a cry for the right kind of herbal tea, but rather for a good hard look at our own lives.

Everyone knows them, these tips to help you fall asleep faster: exercising lots and not drinking coffee at night and avoiding blue light. But what if none of that works?

Bregje Hofstede, certified insomniac, took a deep dive into sleep science. She tossed and turned, researched, experimented and dug for the underlying cause of our poor sleeping patterns. In her unique picturesque fashion, Hofstede shares her most important discoveries – and why ultimately she is able to sleep again.

'In Search of Sleep has the same strengths as The Rediscovery of my Body. Once again, Hofstede analyses a personal problem, which she researches in her own unique manner. Small anecdotes and an essayistic style, interviews with experts and summaries of literature on sleep flow together seamlessly. Outstanding is the supple style which you so rarely find in non-fiction that is so scientifically oriented, with 212 footnotes as witnesses. Hofstede convinces the reader most with her clear analogies.' – Cutting Edge

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