I'm Not Here

I'm Not Here

I'm Not Here

Lize Spit

‘We were those two collapsing pillars that, when you made them lean against one another, would stand stronger than any whole pillar could ever do. We would be all right, as long as we stayed together.’ – excerpt from I’m Not Here.

Leo has been with her boyfriend Simon for ten years. Connected by a troublesome childhood, the couple doesn’t need much except one another. That is until everything collapses when Simon comes home in the middle of the night and seems to have become a different person. Slowly, Leo’s carefully constructed world starts to fall apart.

I’m Not Here is a story of dedication and betrayal, of two people who are flawed in their way but try their hardest to get noticed, to love and to live.

I’m Not Here is an impressive literary accomplishment. Like her illustrious predecessors Tolstoy and John Irving, Spit wrote a literary giant that makes you feel how complex yet fragile life truly is, in an unadorned, no-frills style which gives you the facts straight.” – Nederlands Dagblad

“In her signature sparkling style, Spit manages to convey a level of emotional depth that is not often found in literature. This surprising debutante has grown into a grand author.” – Friesch Dagblad

“Spit uses her refined narrative techniques to mercilessly confront the reader with the novel’s paradoxical and terrifying self-fulfilling prophecy.” – Trouw

“Someone who can write like Spit does needn’t play it safe by relying on the structure of their previous novel and filling it in with a new story, just as she didn’t.” – De Standaard

“In a style that is merciless and dark, but carried by a deep personal element, psychological insight and astute observations, Spit examines the relationship between Simon and Leo. Spit guides the reader’s experience with her carefully administered doses of narrative development.” – Bruzz

“Spit is a master of structure, of referring back and forth across her book, even regarding details such as the statue that appears whole, broken, glued back together and broken again throughout the book, but not in logical order. This novel takes a lot of patience, in the best of ways. Spit spreads her information, her clues and titbits, in a refined manner. It really is impossible to put this book down.” – NRC Handelsblad ****

I’m Not Here is a book that will have you on the edge of your comfortable reading chair from beginning to end. It is a true page turner, but also much more than that. The story stays with you, the build-up is strong and the sentences are beautiful without ever feeling forced.” – De Zondag *****

I Am Not Here is a wonderful novel about the unravelling of a relationship. We read how Simon and Leo are connected through their difficult upbringing. They are a close couple up until the point of Simon coming home in the middle of the night, seemingly having become a different person. We will not spoil too much, but from that night on their carefully constructed world slowly falls apart, with dangerous consequences. A grand novel, about love, being hurt and the desire to be seen.” – JAN

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