The Right Moment

The Right Moment

The Right Moment

Grimbert Rost van Tonningen

A sudden and passionate love between two people from totally different backgrounds, entangled in a classic conflict. His grandfather was a Nazi, her Jewish ancestors fled from Germany just in time to save their lives. But gradually more and more confusing elements arise, a midlife crisis and domestic questions like where to live. Is love strong enough to conquer their family histories?

‘A dead end,’ is how Giesel Vaandrager summarizes his current situation. He has accomplished much in his life, but business is going slow, his marriage is a burden and only his children bring him joy. Something has to change, but what?

Vaandrager takes some time off to do what he always wanted to do, to discover more of his family’s secrets. He travels to a monastery in Goslar, where his father and grandmother lived after the war. They fled from the hatred of the Dutch for all things German. His grandfather was senior Nazi officer who was sentenced to death after the war.

To make matters worse he meets a woman in whom he is much more interested than he wants to be. Ruth Tannenbaum came from New York to this small town to search for her family roots. But other than plaques there isn’t much left of the Jewish past.

They meet at the monastery and through old man Hirsch they become more intimate. But as their love becomes more serious, the more factors are involved. Emotions are running high from time to time. If you could escape the past, what would be the right moment to start a new future together?

‘The continuing, subconscious presence of the war makes this novel a fragile and beautiful piece of work.’ – ***