Lot Vekemans

Lot Vekemans (1965) studied Social Geography and creative writing at the Writers Trade School in Amsterdam. She started writing plays for young adults and adults in 1995. Performances of her plays occur internationally – and in 2012, a film came out based on one of her plays. In 2005 she received the Van Der Viesprijs for Truckstop and Sister of, and in 2010, she received the Taalunie Toneelschrijfprijs for Poison.

A Wedding Dress From Warsaw is her debut novel. It received a nomination for the Anton Wachter Prize for debuts and the Opzij Literature Prize for female authors. Fu Works' filming company bought the film rights for the novel. Fu Works Productions previously made the movies Black Book, Süskind and Tirza.

Her monologue, Judas, is performed by the Münchner Kammerspiele in Germany, a renowned theatre company that has commissioned a new play from Lot Vekemans.