Eva Meijer

Eva Meijer (1980) is an artist, philosopher, author, and singer-songwriter. She published several short stories and poetry in literary magazines. Her debut novel, The Shiest Animal, was nominated for the Academica Literatuurprijs, the Gouden Boekenuil, and the Vrouw&Proza Debuutprijs. In 2013 her acclaimed novel Adventures in Animal Activism followed, in 2016 Animal Languages was published, in which she investigates the languages of animals and the question what language actually is. 2016 also saw the release of the highly acclaimed The Bird Cottage about the life of birdlover and researcher Len Howard (1894-1973).Her complete works were awarded with the Halewijnprijs in 2018. In 2014, Eva Meijer started working on her PhD ‘Political Animal Voices’ at the University of Amsterdam. She completed her PhD in September 2017. Her works are being translated in Arabic, German, English, French, Polish and Turkish.