Saskia Goldschmidt

Saskia Goldschmidt (1954) studied at the Academy for Expression through Word and Gesture in Utrecht. She organized cultural and artistic projects for children and teenagers and she currently teaches Drama and acts. Her debut novel Obligatory Happy was published in 2011 and received great reviews. While researching the history of her family she came across a Jewish businessman who tried to isolate hormones from the waste of his meat factory. This gave her the idea to write The Hormone Factory which was reprinted before the initial publication, longlisted for the Libris Literature Prize 2013 and sold to seven countries – Germany (dtv), France (Gallimard), Turkish (Bence), US (The Other Press) / UK (Saraband), South Africa (Protea) and Bulgaria (Lettera). The book has also been adapted to a stage play, audio drama for radio and film rights have been sold to a French production company.